"Big Brother is watching you"
National Anthem:
Oceania, 'tis for thee[1]
Oceania territory
CitiesNew York, London
GovernmentTotalitarian Oligarchy
Area (Total)unknown
Currency Dollar
Calling code unknown

Oceania was a totalitarian super state, which at it's peak controlled the two American continents, Great Britain and Ireland (then collectively called Airstrip One), Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and the southern half of Africa below the River Congo.

Many said that Oceania was so tightly controlled that it was very unlikely that the government there would ever fall.[2]


  1. 1984 film (1984), the anthem can be heard here
  2. However, in the appendix of 1984 Oceania, it's plans and institutions are referred to solely in the past tense suggesting it may have been collapsed at some point or that it was the author's prediction that the super state of Oceania would fall.

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